Filing an Extension

We at Elite Tax and Financial can file an extension for you and we take $100 deposit that will be applied to your tax preparation fee.  Please call the office for us to file extension for you and be prepared to pay the fee.  Thank you.


North Carolina Extension

You could also file an extension yourself.  For North Carolina Extension online please click here to take you to the NCDOR website and you will complete the online form to file an extension.  Printable form not available yet.

Federal Extension with the Internal Revenue Service

If you would also like to file an extension for the federal then click here to print the form that must be mailed and post marked by May 17th, 2021.

By filing an extension you will have an extension to file NOT to pay.  Please be aware that by filing an extension and if you owe, you will incur "failure to pay penalty" and "interest" if you don't pay what you think you owe.