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Forms and Tools

Below you will find various useful forms.

Your Personal Tax Appointment -  Client Information Form and Engagement Letter  Forms to Print   Checklist - What to Bring to your Appointment

Your Partnership Tax Appointment - Partnership Information Form and Engagement Letter

Your Corporation Tax Appointment - Corporation Information Form and Engagement Letter

This form is one that a parent would need to have their dependent sign if they are bringing in their w-2's to have their taxes prepared.    Disclosure Consent

This form needs to be filled out if you are interested in talking with someone about Life Insurance or Annuities  Elite Disclosure Form

Charitable Contributions:

A couple Donation Value Guides to determine how much your donations are worth:  Donation Valuation Guide   &  Goodwill Values for NC

Charitable Contributions (places to donate other than Goodwill)

Self  Employed:

Worksheets:  Schedule C Questionnaire   Mileage Log,   Home Office Worksheet,  

Purchase Assets for your business from someone and need a Bill of Sale,                  Websites to register your business

Rental Property:

Worksheet to help you gather your expenses:  Rental Input Worksheet   Mileage Log 


Form 2848 Power of Attorney for Federal             GEN 58 Power of Attorney for State of NC

Withholding Forms:

Federal W-4 Form (for federal withholding)

State NC-4 Form (for state withholding)