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Forms and Tools

Below you will find various useful forms.

Your Personal Tax Appointment - Client Info & Engagement Form

If you would like to print the Client Info & Engagement Form click here for the printable forms 

Checklist - What to Bring to your Appointment

Partnership & Engagement Form

Your Corporation Tax Appointment - Corporate & Engagement Form

Disclosure Consent

This form needs to be filled out if you are interested in talking with someone about Life Insurance or Annuities  Elite Disclosure Form

Charitable Contributions:

A couple Donation Value Guides to determine how much your donations are worth:  Donation Valuation Guide   &  Goodwill Values for NC

Charitable Contributions (places to donate other than Goodwill)

Self  Employed:

Worksheets:  Schedule C Input Worksheet   Mileage Log,   Home Office Worksheet,  

Purchase Assets for your business from someone and need a Bill of Sale,                  Websites to register your business

Rental Property:

Worksheet to help you gather your expenses:  Rental Input Worksheet   Mileage Log 


Form 2848 Power of Attorney for Federal             GEN 58 Power of Attorney for State of NC

Withholding Forms:

Federal W-4 Form (for federal withholding)

State NC-4 Form (for state withholding)