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Records at the IRS

Ever wonder what the IRS has on you.  For $200 for single and $300 for joint, we can get the information back to 1990.  This is an extensive report on your tax history.

For any account issue with the IRS, the relevant information can be found on the tax transcripts.  There are 4 basic types of transcripts:

  • Account Transcript - Basically, a taxpayer's debit credit account with the Department of the Treasury.
  • Return Transcript - A line item equivalent of the original tax return filed.
  • Wage & Income Transcript - List of wages, income & miscellaneous items reported to IRS by payers.
  • Record of Account - Combination of Return and Account Transcripts.

The report that we can prepare for you has all the above information in a compehensive format.  The report contains:

  • Filing status of each year
  • Lien Active on Account
  • Collection Active on Account
  • Examination Active on Account
  • Assessed Balance
  • Accrued Balance
  • Penalites for Failure to File
  • Penalties for Failure to Pay
  • Accuracy Related Penalties
  • Accrued Penalties
  • Total Penalties
  • Accrued Interest
  • Assessed Interest
  • Total Interest
  • Collection Statute Expiration Date
  • Exemptions on return
  • Adjusted Gross Income
  • Taxable Income
  • Tax Per Return
  • Total Self Employment Tax
  • IRS Notices that were issued
  • Everything related to the years filed ie if there was an extension, refund issued, file date, credits, w-2 withholding, prior yr abated
  • Red Flag indicator - IRS uses a DIF score and report will show what years might be flagged for audit
  • Payment history
  • Tax Return overview
  • Income Documents ie how many w-2's, 1099R's etc
  • and much, much more

Call us today to start the process.  Form 2848 will need to be filed on each Taxpayer and/or Spouse for the years that you want in the report.  It will take about 10 days to before you will get the report.