Forms and Tools

Below you will find various useful forms.

Although we will be setting everyone up on our portal, you are still able to drop off your tax documents anytime.  Please put your items in an envelope.  If we are in the office then please knock and if we are not then you can put the envelope in the mail slot in the door.  THANK YOU!

Before starting any form with a green link, make sure you have your information handy.  You will be timed out if the form is not completed in one sitting.

Click Here for 2022 Client Form

You will be doing this fillable form through CITRIX Rightsignature and submitting it back to our office.  Every RightSignature document is secured with full audit log, biometric data capture, and 256-bit encryption Legality Electronic contracts have the same legal validity and enforceability of pen-and-paper documents, when executed in compliance with e-signature laws .

If you need to print the 2022 form then please Click here


2021 Client Info & Engagement Form click here for the printable client info and engagement form

2020 and Prior years client forms you can print here.


Partnership Client & Engagement Form

S Corporation or C Corporation Client & Engagement Form

Estate Client Form

Trust Client Form

Gift Tax Return Client Form

Elite Tax Disclosure Form this form needs to be filled out if you would like for someone else to handle your tax return preparation.  They will not sign for you or pay for you.  This give us permission to give the person you tax data and discuss your return with them.  


Charitable Contributions:

A couple Donation Value Guides to determine how much your donations are worth:  Donation Valuation Guide   &  Goodwill Values for NC

Charitable Contributions (places to donate other than Goodwill)


Self  Employed:

Schedule C Input Sheet click here to fill out Schedule C Input Sheet online ot

To print form click here

Click here for the list and information on various items for business deductions.

Mileage Log       

Purchase Assets for your business from someone and need a Bill of Sale,      

  Websites to register your business


Rental Property:  Go to the Rental Information TAB



Power of Attorney Authorization  Please fill this out if you have picked the "Gold" Audit Protection Plan

Withholding Forms:

Federal W-4 Form (for federal withholding)

State NC-4 Form (for state withholding)

Estimated Tax Forms:

 Federal Estimated Tax Form Click here for quarters 1-4 for 2021

NC Estimated Tax Form Click here for online form