"Worry Free" Audit Protection

“Worry-Free” Client Care Package “Audit Protection Plan”


“Worry-Free” Client Care Package “Audit Protection Plan”    (only offered during tax season and before extension deadline)             

For 2023 tax year (prepared in 2024), you will be offered enrollment in the Elite Tax and Financial Services, Worry-Free Client Care Package also known as the “Audit Protection Plan” covering your 2023 income tax return for IRS and/or State correspondence response, Audit Representation and/or IRS Tax Identity Theft Form, for one low annual fee. The Client Care Package fee (which includes the Audit Protection Plan) will be added as separate line item on your Tax Preparation Invoice.

As you know, your return may be selected for review by the taxing authorities. Any audit work, including responding to notices, not due to our error, is covered by our Audit Protection Plan. 

If you choose to not to participate in the worry-free Audit Protection Plan, you will be charged our usual hourly billing rates to handle any notices from the IRS or state tax authorities. (currently $150 per hour)

As provided in the Gold Plan, participation in this program will allow Elite Tax to receive IRS letters and notices  so we can address any issue before the IRS wants to audit your return and assess additional tax. Your final tax preparation invoice will include a separate line item for the “Basic”, “Silver” or “Gold” protection package.                    

 Added $30 to the $149.95 fee for each Schedule C (self employment) and/or Schedule E (rental) See below for the Plans.      Explanations on next page.

Member Benefits

 (Individual 1040 Tax Returns only)


Plus $30 added for each Sch C and/or Sch E

POA required

Silver Membership

Basic Membership


1)Correspondence Response (if not our fault)
(Value $300 & up)




2)  Two (30 min) Phone/email consultation covering W-2 withholding planning (June & Oct), retirement withdraw planning & any personal tax planning (Value $150 & up)






3)  IRS Tax Identity Fraud (filing Form 14039)




4)  Up to 1 Hour of in-office tax consultation or business startup consultation (restrictions may apply due to COVID-19)  (Value $150 & up)






5)  1 amendment for the tax year covered

(Value $150 & up depending on additional forms needed)





6) Individual IRS & State “Worry-Free” Audit Representation face to face (Value $3,500 to $10,000)



Only click on the signature box on “I wish NOT” or “I wish to”.If you click on both, then you will have signed both places.

I wish NOT to sign up for the Audit Protection Plan and understand that I will be billed for the above services.

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I wish to sign up for the Audit Protection Plan 1) Basic ___2) Silver ___3) Gold ___(GOLD plan only is $149.95 plus $30 for each Schedule C and /or Schedule E)

I understand this will be added to my tax preparation fee as a line item on the invoice.

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Discover How to PROTECT Yourself From the IRS In Case You Get An

Income Tax Notice or Audit…

                                                                                Audit Protection Plan Explanations for each line item above

  1.  Correspondence Response – If you receive an IRS notice or state revenue notice for 2023, we will handle it at no additional charge.  The IRS sends out letters for various reasons:  they need more information from you, they want proof of your child you are claiming, you missed a piece of information on your return, they might want proof of your college expenses that you paid with your 529 plan and the list goes on and on.    This does not include if an amendment is required.  Usually, we can handle letters without filing amendments.  You might think, you can handle the letter and send them what they want.  Without even realizing it, you could damage your case. 
  1. Two (30 min) Phone/email consultation covering w-2 withholding planning (June & Oct), retirement withdraw planning and any other personal tax planning during the year.  In the past I have not charged for this service but as the practice grows and more and more clients want this service, I have decided to put it in the Audit Protection Plan in any level of membership.
  2. IRS Tax Identity Fraud (filing Form 14039) So imagine that you filed your taxes, and you get a notice in the mail that says, We cannot process your income tax return because we already have one on file for you.”  This form 14039 is filed with the Internal Revenue Service when you think that you might have been a victim of Tax related identity theft.  This form lets the IRS know that someone else has filed a fraudulent tax return in your name and social security number.  The Internal Revenue Service will then investigate and work to correct problems caused by the fraudulent filing.
  3. Up to 1 hour in office or virtual tax consultation or business startup consultation.  Taxpayers are starting businesses every day.  There are things you need to know before you start a business, and we will go over the ins and outs with you.  What kind of entities available and what is involved with each entity?  You might be subject to sales tax; you might need to file with the county and pay taxes on business property.  You will receive resources regarding starting a business.
  4. One amendment for the 2023 tax year covered for any reason.  You forgot something or you should have file one way and want to change to another way.  For any reason, one amendment federal and/or state will be filed.
  5. Added $30 to the $149.95 fee for each Schedule C (self employment) and/or Schedule E (rental)

Individual IRS & State “Worry Free” Audit Representation face to face (value $3,500 to $10,000) When you are selected for an audit you will pay between $3,500 - $10,000 and up for an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or attorney to defend you in an audit.   Many people think that IRS representation is automatically included in the tax preparation fee, it is not.  

  1. If we make an error, then we will handle the audit plus pay penalties.  The interest and the tax will be your responsibility. (This is covered under the Engagement letter no audit plan necessary)
  2. If we didn’t make an error then with the Gold Audit Protection Plan we will take care of the audit and you will be responsible for the tax, interest and penalties.

Under the law, only an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or attorney besides yourself can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service.  We will file a Power of Attorney with this plan and then the IRS must deal directly with us.  We will handle all communication and correspondence on your behalf and if necessary, we will meet with the IRS for a face-to-face audit if needed.  Clients who participate in this plan will sign a Form 2848, Power of Attorney so Elite Tax can receive notices.