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Price List

Our prices are based on forms.  Below are some of the typical forms and the prices.  Not very many tax professionals will post their price list, I wanted to do this because we do get a lot of people price shopping and our prices are competitive.  


Form 1040    $115

Schedule A   (itemized deductions)   $70

Schedule B (interest & dividend)   $2 per entry

Schedule C  (self employment)   $50  and $2 per entry

Schedule SE (self employment tax)   Free

Schedule D (stock)   $20 and $2 entry

Schedule E (rental)   $60 each

Form 4562 (Depreciation & Amortization)   $15 plus $2 each entry

Form 4797 (Sale of Business Property)   $65

Schedule F   (Farm)   $95

Form 8867   (Due Dilligence because of depedents)   $45

EIC  (Earned Income Credit)  $45

Form 2441  (Child Care)   $10

Form 8582 (Passive Activity Loss Limitations)   $5

Form 8863  (Education Credit)  $30

W-2's   $5 each

1099R's   $5 each

Most states are $60  some are $80


If your return qualifies for what use to be a "1040 EZ"  Federal, state and one W-2 then the price is $115, basically state is for free.  

If your return qualifies for the old "1040 EZ" and you have more than 1 w-2 then price could be $120.

If you are a depedent of another and we do the parents return, then the dependent return is $30.

Examples of pricing:

CLIENT #1:  Self employed person with dependent and Earned Income Credit    $316   (1040, schedule C, EIC, Due Dilligence and 1 state)

CLIENT #2:  Client moved to NC from another state and sold rental plus has stock sales and 1 w-2   $402  (1040, Schedule D, Schedule E, Form 4562, Form 4797, W-2, NC and another state)

CLIENT #3:  Client with 4 w-2's itemizing and one interest   $267  (Form 1040, Schedule A, 4 w-2's, 1 interest, and State)



There are prices that aren't on the above list because they might not be common forms or they are Free.

Thank you for taking the time to review our pricing schedule.