Form 1040 Tax Preparation PRICE LIST

Our prices are based on forms.  Below are most of our forms and their prices.  Not very many tax professionals will post their price list, I wanted to do this because we do get a lot of people price shopping and our prices are competitive.  

For each K-1 Form we charge $50 (this is new for 2021)

Most states are $60  some are $80

           If your return qualifies for what use to be a "1040 EZ" (includes w-2, interest and unemployment only)

           Then we will do the NC state return for free.   Your charge could be as low as $130 - $180. 

If you are a depedent of another and we do the parents return, then the dependent return is $40.

Form 1040X AMENDED RETURN  Charge is $110 plus price of original return (if we did prepare the original, then $110 plus any forms that changed)

There are prices for forms that aren't on the above list because they might not be common forms or they are prepared for no charge.

Thank you for taking the time to review our pricing schedule.